What a difference a day makes (or 4)

Last Thursday (19 November 2015) we had clear blue skies, a bit of a chill but warm in the sun, then winter paid us a visit and gave us our first big dump of white stuff. See the difference in Seb Montaz's running video.
A new dress for Miss Mountain

More on Instagram: sebastienmontazrossetOnly 4 days separate those 2 runs. Same crest, same runner, Miss Mountain only changed her dress. Which one do you prefer?4 jours seulement séparent ces deux sorties (mercredi/dimanche). Même crête, même coureur mais Mlle Montagne a changé de robe.Laquelle préférez-vous?Chamonix3D Robotics Inc. Salomon Outdoor

Posted by Seb Montaz Studio on Monday, 23 November 2015