Mountain Guides

We only work with the valley's best mountain guides. We know many of them personally and our partnerships stretch back many years. Safety, excitement and unforgettable times are what their experience offers.

Off-piste, a Vallée Blanche tour, heliskiing or ice-climbing - we can arrange it all. A number of guides run some fantastic avalanche awareness courses too. Not only do you benefit from the course instruction but also the chance to ski and climb with a guide everyday.

The Vallée Blanche is the most popular winter day's outing with a Mountain Guide, as described on our Aiguille du Midi page. It is a truly unforgettable experience and, what’s more, it does not require having to be an elite-level skier. Advanced intermediates can conquer it!

Read some more about the guides with which we work and the activities they offer by visiting the web sites of Wolfgang Huber, Octavio Defazio, Seb Montaz and John Taylor.

Getting in the big mountains

The image below is a very high resolution gigapan photo. It is actually hundreds of photos digitally sewn together. This was taken whilst the local guide and film maker Seb Montez was skiing Les Courtes. Zoom in and see if you can find them. They are in the top left hand side of the photo, to the left of the highest peak climbing on the snowy saddle. The detail offered is amazing.