Chamonix bars and pubs

Chamonix has one of the liveliest and most diverse bar and club scenes in the Alps. Regardless of the stress and strains involved, the Nomadic team has endeavoured to personally research and put together a list of the best.


The Chambre Neuf, MOÖ and L’Elevation 1904, all within a few metres of each other near the train station, lead the pack as the busiest bars in town.

During the winter the excellent band in the Chambre Neuf means it is THE place for après ski. Real live Swedish girls dancing on tables and everything you think you need after a day on the mountain. 

MOÖ is the home of the older generation of seasonaires. It’s one of those places where you’re guaranteed to have fun whether you pop in for a quick coffee or hunker down for a night of partying.

L'Elevation 1904 is a friendly little cafe/bar open all day. It is an excellent spot for the morning expresso, all day lunch or evening beer where the clientele spill on to the pavement.

Café La Terrace occupies a prime location. You can't miss this purple Art Nouveau building in the centre of town.

The Pub is simply named and has a good crowd each night. Perhaps not the funkiest bar but it's a good place to start after dinner and the perfect place to watch sport.

Four bars occupy the northern end of the Cham-Sud square:

  • The South Bar is a lively bar which always televises the rugby.
  • Big Horn Bistro always has a good array of craft beers + good food.
  • Monkey is very much a seasonnaire hangout with good beer and generous helpings of food.
  • Beckett & Wilde Irish bar is very popular with our staff.

Many nights were spent trying the homebrew at the Micro Brasserie de Chamonix or MBC. The chicken wings are legendary and the burgers are pretty good too. Watch out for the beer, it sneaks up on you.

Rue du Moulins, affectionately known by the Locals as Rue Des Anglais because of the plethora of English-speaking bars, is hidden behind the main street in the centre of town and includes:

  • Bar'd Up the ubiquitous Aussie theme pub. Regular live bands, DJ's and themed nights.
  • Le Chamonix Social Club great for live DJ’s and cocktails
  • Bar du Moulin for cosy beer and date involving conversation
  • Soulfood for music and a date lacking conversation
  • The Privilege for a cleansing ale and an off-tune sing-along.

A great addition to town has been the wine merchant ChaChaCha where you can sample a variety of plonk by the glass or even join one of the regular wine tasting sessions.

Little Boxes is a great cafe that serves beer on tap with excellent chips and a prime spot to catch any sporting event!

The nearby village of Argentiere has the legendary Office Bar that serves as pub, cafe, restaurant and nightclub.

The Kitsch Inn in Les Houches is the one stop shop for Apres Ski beers, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Night clubs

Like Chamonix itself, the nightclub scene offers a great mix of cool, funky, grungy and cheesy.

L'Amnesia, formerly known as Le Garage, is Chamonix's largest club and the late-night spot where you end up when you just know you should have gone home. It can be a lot of fun with a group or when you think you are dancing particularly well.

The Bunker exists but I am unsure what goes on there. 

And then there’s the dear-old Le Tof. A definite favourite of ours. It is the local Gay-friendly bar hidden away in Chamonix Sud. The music rocks and the dance floor is always packed. Guaranteed a party in here without exception.